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Developing our Dual Connect line of audio cables was motivated by several questions and observations we had about the current audio cable market:

“Why do so many audio cables appear to be selling mainly on appearance without paying no or little attention to basic electronics design principles to minimize energy loss and optimize linearity?”

“Many audio cables seem to be priced far too high offering low value for the money.”

“Why are many audio cables using so much insulation material around the cables? The electromagnetic fields around the wires are carrying energy, which cannot be lost generating heat in the insulation without causing non-linearity.”

“Why is the capacity between adjacent wires often so large? The idea is that the signal should move forward in the cables, not side wards.”

“Why are many even expensive cables made of materials that are not durable? Many insulation materials change characteristics when exposed to UV light. Chemicals will evaporate from synthetic materials and metal surfaces will corrode. This will change the sound over time.”

“Why did many cable manufactures not take time to optimize cables designs and materials in a way that benefits sound?”

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Design philosophy

Audio cable design philosophy
Audio cable design philosophy

Why precious metals?

Audio cable design philosophy



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