Best of 2006

Dual Connect high end audio cables.
Solid  gold interconnects.


Dual Connect price reductions
The prices of all Dual Connect audio cables are now greatly reduced.
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Positive Feedback review

“With breathtaking definition, dramatic black backgrounds, solid Rock of Gibraltar imaging, and ultra sophisticated textural nuance, the Dual Connects [picture below] are the first all gold interconnects in the world, and represent the "Gold Standard" for high-end metal cables in this price range.. . . . . . . . . their performance versus cost ratio makes Mt. Everest look like a hill. I have always wondered what solid gold might sound like - it is pure audiophile heaven on earth!”
Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 23


“Dual Connect” conductor design.
Our unique “Dual Connect” conductor design creates a different electromagnetic field around the conductor and makes it possible to position the insulation in a more favourable way, further away from the conductors.


PTFE (Teflon®) insulation
in special configuration


 Using the best possible material for insulation - Teflon®: Unique high frequency properties and extreme durability. Still, in order to minimize influence from the insulation, we use as thin a tube as possible and keep it as far away from the conductors as possible.


Precious metals.
Our interconnects use solid gold conductors. All connectors and terminals are gold plated.

Completed high end interconnects ready to connect to get every drop of detail and dynamics out of your audio system:

Interconnects with XLR or RCA connectors



Dual Connect interconnects win the EnjoyTheMusic “Best Of 2006 Award”





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